Spring is such a a special time for photos, manly because there are so many beautiful, natural backdrops to pick from but my absolute favourite part of this season is taking bluebell photos.

My favourite spot in Binfield is usually a carpet of deep blue and purple flowers by mid-April, but this year, I think largely due to the late snow, I couldn’t get out to do any bluebell photos until early May.

The bluebells simply weren’t playing ball…

It was worth the wait though as the rich colours and shards of natural light made for some gorgeous family photos.

Bluebell photos have become incredibly popular over the past couple of years and it’s not hard to see why. However, these beautiful blooms don’t hang around for long as after only a few short weeks they have already died off.

It means that as a photographer I have to be on bluebell watch almost daily – often trekking to my favourite spot with my kids in tow. It helps me to advise my clients of when the perfect time is for bluebell photos. The good old British weather doesn’t always play fair, though, and sometimes there are only a few rare days a year to get the photos taken. This is why, to me, and to many of my clients they are so special.

I also have lots of repeat clients for bluebell photos who have them taken year after year so that they have a record of their family’s growth over time. It’s a really lovely idea and provides beautiful memories.

Unfortunately, bluebell photo season is now over but I’m now booking for summer family photo sessions – including sunflower sessions. Email me for details and dates – prices start from just £49.