My wife has been on at me for some time to get new photos of our little darlings taken, so at the weekend we chased the good weather and set off for a sunflower photography shoot.

We live in a beautifully green part of the world and while I’ve always been spoilt for choice for locations for bluebell and daffodil photoshoots, I’ve always struggled to find a suitable sunflower photography spot.

We lucked out this weekend though, thanks to the font of all knowledge that is Facebook, as we found a perfect gem of a spot in Warfield just minutes away from home (which was recommended on one of the Facebook community sites my wife avidly follows. In her defence, she does work in social media management.)

The sea of bright yellow blooms dancing away under the summer sun was glorious to see but it left me with the dilemma of how to get my 5 year and 18 month old in shot against the proportions of the tall sunflowers.

There was lots of kneeling and positioning required on my part but it was all worth it.

The most challenging part of the photoshoot was working out how to position my somewhat princess like daughter, who is still refusing to walk.

I didn’t really want her crawling around in the dirt but there was no way the buggy was featuring in these shots. I did have to wheel out the newborn prop basket for her to sit in, which she promptly decided was a rowing boat and had a whale of a time in!

The result was a very cute little photo of her, which will be something we treasure forever and will no doubt laugh about when she gets to 18 and we remind her she was such a diva that she refused to walk at 18 months.

I also used a crate box that I often use for indoor family photoshoots, it looked wonderfully rustic against the countryside backdrop and provided a fab little seat for her to sit on.

We had a ball during the shoot and it was lovely to have a giggle with my family while get some treasured photographs.

We made sure we didn’t trample any of the flowers and only handled cut flowers (from the nearby Tesco) for the photos; for me it’s really important to make sure my photography doesn’t impact the local area or stop anyone else enjoying the natural beauty of these blooms.

I have some limited space available for anyone wanting to book a sunflower or countryside photography shoot this August and September, so please get in touch for dates. Prices start from just £49 for an hour’s photography shoot and 4 professional prints. or 07810 260 006.