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I’m on Instagram

Did you know that I post a lot of my work on Instagram? I use it to showcase a lot of my photos but also to provide some inspiration for brides and grooms.

While I’d love to update my website every day, I just don’t always have the time, but I love to pop up a post on Instagram when I can.

Why not take a look when you get a spare moment and check out some of the weddings I’ve been privileged to be part of over the years? My handle is: @dfeaseyphotography and I hashtag everything with #dfeaseyphotography

I try to include photos of couples that capture the romance, glamour and love of their wedding day but also add wedding preparation, bridal inspiration and groom inspiration type photos.

It also helps me to connect with other wedding photographers, gather inspiration for forthcoming weddings and leave compliments, and everyone loves a compliment!

And on that note, why not hop on over to Instagram and leave me a comment –  let me know what you think….