Life during Coronavirus restrictions

As we enter the fourth week of ‘lockdown’ in the UK I’m spending a little time just reflecting on what life is like during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Well, business-wise it’s not been a complete wipe-out as I’ve still been able to get on and create wedding albums and edit photos from shoots and occasions that took place pre-restrictions kicking in.

I’ve also spent time catching up with some of my clients who have had to postpone their weddings until later in the year. My heart really goes out to these couples who have spent months meticulously planning their big day only to have it kicked in to the long grass through no fault of their own.

Of course, like everybody, I know that this is the right thing to stop this awful virus from spreading but I can only imagine the anguish and some of the financial loss that some of these couples face. It must be extremely disappointing to say the least.  I’ve managed to re-book all my couples impacted by the restrictions until later this year and so I’m looking forward to working with them still – just a little later than we planned.

On that note, my clients have been amazing. Truly amazing. They’ve all re-booked and have been as understanding and chipper as they can be in this situation.

I think the wedding industry as a whole has been like this as we all know that better days are coming, we’ve just got to wait for the cloud to lift.

However, in all honesty, it’s not easy knowing where your next pay packet is coming from. Like lots of other self employed people I was anxious to hear if there would be any support for us. It seems that I may qualify for the self employment grant and, like many others, I’m now waiting to hear from HMRC.

We are lucky in my household that my wife is classified as a ‘key worker’ although not a frontline worker, so we’ve all been safely tucked up in our Feasey-house bubble, knowing that at least one income will come in at the end of the month. I know other self-employed people who don’t have that luxury.

While Mrs F’s been working really long days squirreled away in our dining room, I’ve been trying to entertain and educate our two mini Feaseys. Hats off to all the teachers out there. You are incredible. You truly are.  This is hard work! Oh and they’re permanently hungry, the kids that is (not their teachers). I swear they eat every 10 minutes. If they’re not eating they’re squabbling. If they’re not squabbling they’re planning their next snack attack. If they’re not planning their snacks they’re destroying the house by scatter gunning toys, socks and leftover snacks everywhere! (Yes, that is my kitchen in the feature pic, thanks kids!)  Tired is an understatement.

Give me a 10 hour wedding any day!!

**If you’re a bride or groom and you’re struggling to re-book your wedding date with your current wedding photographer please get in touch. I am trying to price match, where possible, so you’re not out of pocket. I’m also still taking bookings for 2021.  Likewise if you’re a wedding photographer and need support or help with re-booking anyone or just want to share the load please get in touch. Happy to help where I can.**